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How did Chinese noodles come about?

Chinese food is enviable in many countries of the world. Varied, nutritious, tasty, healthy, it conquers more and more gourmet hearts. Celestial cuisine is considered one of the most ancient: it appeared more than 3 thousand years ago. Ancient Chinese culinary specialists were highly appreciated and respected in society, then this profession was at the junction of a cook, doctor, and pharmacist.


Chinese noodles – a traditional dish of the national cuisine of the Middle Kingdom. The oldest mentions of this treat date back to the 2nd-3rd century BC. Today, this product can be considered one of the most versatile in Pan-Asian cuisine. You can find noodles in an elite expensive restaurant, as well as in a fast-food kiosk. It is boiled, deep-fried, steamed, used as a side dish, added to first courses, salads, desserts. That is why Chinese food is so varied and unusual.

Wok pan (wok) is another “trick” of Chinese cuisine. It is believed that dishes prepared in such dishes preserve maximum taste, aroma, vitamins and nutrients. In addition, you do not have to mess with wok for a long time. All the ingredients of the dish are quickly fried at the bottom of the pan over high heat, and then “cooked up” at its sides. The food is juicy, nutritious, balanced and harmonious.

What types of noodles are there?

Noodles are the second most popular product in China and Japan (after rice). It is cooked with vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish, seafood, a variety of sauces. Today the most popular types of noodles are:

Chinese noodles

  • tender egg noodles.  This variety is called “Ramen”, which literally translates as “stretch noodles”;
  • wheat or udon.  Residents of East Asia lovingly call it “food for the soul.” According to legend, this particular dish was the secret of unprecedented physical strength and endurance of Japanese ninjas. The recipe for this noodle has been passed down from generation to generation;
  • thin, almost transparent rice noodles. Otherwise, it is called the Harusame. This is a great companion for meat, vegetables or seafood. It is boiled, stewed, and also added to soups and deep-fried;
  • buckwheat or Yakisoba.  Nutritious, but easily digestible, it will be an excellent option for a hearty lunch or dinner. Forget about hunger for long!

The popularity of Chinese cuisine is so high today that it’s not difficult to enjoy dishes from the Middle Kingdom. Small cafes and restaurants are always at your service! Do you want to eat Chinese goodies at home or in the office? Today, this is also not a problem, because the delivery of Chinese noodles inboxes is organized by many institutions and special services. Bon Appetit!

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