How To Download YouTube Videos 5 Methods

In this article I’m going to tell you how to download YouTube videos online.

Method 1:
Open the video and copy the link of the video you want to download and then open the site clickconverter.ccthis is a very powerful website just paste the link and click on the continue and then you will see there are different types of options available for download like 320p, 440p, 720HD, 1020HD. Then choose the format you want to download. Then click start. Then click on download. When you click on download sometimes it takes you to the new window. Just close that window and click on download again.

Method 2:
Another website is just copy the link and paste the link in the bar. Click on download and select video quality. After that close that video and click on download button and then save link as. After some time select where you want to download and then download will start.
Method 3:
Another website from where you can download the YouTube video is It is also similar to the above mentioned sites. Just paste the link and click on the arrow button and then select the quality of the video where you want to download choose the format and destination folder.

Method 4:
Another site to download YouTube video is a software name clip grab. Download the software first and then open it paste the link of the video and choose quality and format.

Method 5:
The last is the famous of all that is idm. Download the software idm using any site and crack it. Once the idm is crack integrate its module in the browser. Once you open YouTube idm will itself provide the options to download the video with the quality and formats. 

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