How to Earn Money Online With Freelancing

How to Earn Money Online With Freelancing

Spirit it requires?

Freelance is the best way to earn money online via internet. Danial Saleem one of the most prominent freelancer from Pakistan has earned more than 20 lakhs per month, which is equal to about 14000 US dollars. He belongs to a city called Mirpur in province of Sindh.  The city is not developed and always faces certain issues like light short fall and internet disconnection. But he stick to his idea and never give up. The slow and constant struggle worked for the Danial Saleem.  His story is a guideline for all the freelancers not to give up too early.

What is freelancing?   

Freelancing is quite similar to peoples who earns on daily basis by selling their skills in the market.  The only difference is the market you target is online. You specify your skills and then ask people to seek help from your service and you get paid in return.

Platforms of Freelancing:

There are many platforms which allows you to create an account and sell your skills some popular platforms are upwork, fiverr and there are many other platforms but these are the best one where you can sell your service and skills with good profit.

Work to start with:

There are different categories of work which you can do. The best one is to start with graphic designing. Graphic designing has vast market where millions of clients come for their task to be completed. Second to graphic designing is web development or Android application development.  Software development has an advanced market for the freelancers where billions of projects are delivered in a month if you are good in angular JS, php or WordPress then there is lot of work which you can do easily and earn some good amount.
The number third task is writing. If you are good in blogging, article writing or creative writing then you must pursue writing.  Here you have to recreate article sometimes, you have to write from beginning. The article must be unique interesting and eye catchy.  Well if you are good in writing then there is no trouble for you at all, it is the best way to go in.
Apart from that there are lots of other work which you can do as well like eBook writing or eBook selling, accounting, making presentation, video editing, photo editing and lots of other.

Part time/Full time?

 Most of the people ask the question that is freelancing a part time job or full time the best possible answer to this question is that it depends on person to person. If you are having a good job in a certain company then you can pursue freelancing as a part time. Make slow but consistent move, never leave your job before you getting a stable platform for freelancing.
If you are not having any job and you are free to give 24 hours to your freelancing career then you must take it as a full time job. Give it as much time as you can, do practice to enhance your skin because the competition is really tough you need to be at your best to send your service. If you are not having any job give it as much time as you can.

How to begin with?

There is another question people have been asking for many times. How to enter in a website where already more rated sellers are working? How to fetch a client in the beginning of a career? The answer to these complex question is very simple there are certain things that you need to remember and practice to have a good start for your freelance career:

  •  Make sure when you enter a website you have plenty of experience if not online then, offline you have your own work which you can present to the clients.  The expertise and skills that you possess must be different from others and has the ability to stand alone.
  • The second thing that you must keep in mind is that you will not start earning from the very first day it will take month or maybe more to build up your reputation and it is a gradual process that will take time. You have to be consistent and hardworking don’t get upset in few days. Consistency is the key to begin with.
  • The last point is that make your social links stronger because this may help you in fetching clients.

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