How to Earn Money Using OLX Without any Investment

What is OLX?

OLX was found in 2006. It is an online market place where you can buy and sell every item of your daily use and can sell any object you want. It not only deals with materialistic object but it also deal with the job vacancies, home tuition and other such stuff which is very very helpful in your daily life.

How earn using OLX?

There are two ways to earn money using OLX one is through investment and other one is without investment.

Let us discuss the first method first, remember that before starting out you must have a good experience in dealing with something particular or specific. Let us discuss it with an example. If you are knowledgeable enough about buying and reselling of cell phone and you knows the market price of cell phone and which cell phone has resale value?  If you know all these questions and is able to find answer of them easily then, it is highly recommended to you to go through this particular method to earn money via OLX. You can buy a cell phone from OLX as I described earlier that this method requires an investment which means you have to buy first and then you can sell it back on OLX or any other platform which you may like. Using this particular method you can sell property, vehicles, motorbikes electronics equipment’s and many other things in which you are good at dealing with.  It is not necessary to buy from OLX, you can buy it from your local market if the market gives you a good rate and you can sell that on OLX.  Before getting into the business always visit the market first to have a look what is the trending value of the object you are going to sell.   Don’t sell for too high rates because once you put advertise on OLX the competition begins. Give it a margin to compete with your competitors or else you may suffer. This method requires experience and expertise.  The margin of your profit is depend upon your skills how good you are in dealing with the peoples.

The second method is to sell your skill or something in which you are good at for example if you are a Hardware engineer and you can build certain hardware components, then you can sell your skill through OLX.  What you have to do is to put a well-managed and organized advertisement for your skills.  Make sure that it attracts people.  Try to send the skill which is in demand because if you are good in something but that particular thing is not in demand then it may not worth more.  So it’s better to go with the trend but don’t just haphazardly follow the demand expertise experience and skill is the major pillar of your success.

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