How To Get Free PUBG Mobile UC?

Are you looking for ways to get Royal UC or your favorite Gun Skin to get free UC in your PUBG Mobile Account? Here, I will explain all the real ways how you can get free UC in PUBG Mobile. Additionally, I will tell you about the free UC generators you find on the web and how they are just a scam.


 METHODS To Receive FREE PUBG UC In 2020

UC or Unknown Cash is the currency of PUBG Mobile. You have to spend real money to get UC in-game. 60 uc cost around 1 USD. The larger the UC Pack you want to buy, the more you get. UC is used to purchase Royal Pass (Season 11 Royal Pass Lit), costume, gun skins and other skins such as backpack skins, helmet skins, etc., and open boxes (Classic / Premium / Supply / Royal Pass Gates.


 However, the majority of PUBG mobile players are children or teenagers, who do not have a regular source of income. This is why they have to depend on their parents to get money to spend. You can use these to get free UC in PUBG mobile and get the skin of your dreams. So, you too can flex like your rich friends.


 Participation In GIVEAWAYS

 You can regularly activate players and streamers who organize UC Giveaways or Royal Pass Giveaways on Youtube, Discord, Instagram, Nimo TV, and any other platform.


Some popular YouTubers, who regularly organize UC Giveaways, are classified YT, MrCyberSquad, Villager eSports, etc. Most routes of Royal Pass take place during the first week of the Royal Royal Season. While free UC giveaways continue throughout.



There are many references and earning apps available on the play store which you can use to earn money. You can use this money to buy UC in your PUBG mobile account. One Indian app which is currently paying 300 INR per referral is Hello. Also, if you don’t want to refer friends on this app, I can still help you earn some UC by registering on the app using my referral link.


There are many money-making apps available on the web such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollar, PayPrizes, etc. which you can use to earn money. You can complete all the tasks you can to earn maximum points. You can then use PayPal money to buy UC in PUBG Mobile.


One tip when using this method is to purchase UC from Kodashop as they are cheaper there than PUBG Mobile. If you don’t know about it, ask me in the comments section.



No, and never Never give your PUBG mobile account to people you don’t trust because they can steal your account. Also, protect your account from phishing websites and apps. Any legal website that UC is not able to provide will ask for your username and password. All UC transactions are now possible using only 10-digit PUBG Mobile-IDs.


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