Scrambled cod . Optionally you could add piquillo peppers. What you carry inside is the least, you can make a stir almost with anything. The important thing is his technique. There are many ways to make scrambled -bathing, adding eggs directly to the preparation … – But, without a doubt, there is a technique that I love.


  • 5 eggs
  • 50g desalted cod
  • chopped parsley


1.- Of the 5 eggs, we put 4 on a plate and ONLY the yolk of 5. It will give an extra creaminess this last yolk. We beat well, without adding salt at the moment

2.- In a high casserole (no pan or flat bowl) and if it is possible that it is not non-stick, we add this milkshake. We put it on medium-high heat and with a wooden spoon, stir vigorously without stopping. If you see that a lot of fire goes away – that the temperature rises too much – we remove a moment from the fire, stirring all the time. When it returns to take a suitable temperature, we return.

3.- After a couple of minutes, repeating this technique and, without stopping to stir at any time, we will see that it begins to thicken. In the end, it should be curdled but we will also see part of the yolk still without curdling at all. We are not looking to make a broken tortilla if not a creamy scramble.

4.- Arrived at the previous point, we definitely remove from heat and add the co

d. We add now your part of salt and a little drizzle of olive oil, which will give the final touch. Mix a little to integrate all the ingredients and put everything immediately on a plate. If the scrambled, by adding it, lower a little but immediately stop doing it, it will be in its point. If it falls as a block, we will have passed the cooking point and if it expands too quickly on the duck, it will be raw. We look for the intermediate point

Try this technique to prepare a cod scramble . It is very easy and the result is spectacular!

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